The Waverly Coffee Beans by Joe | Beanz

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The Waverly

Fig, dark chocolate, orange. This signature espresso-lovingly named after their first cafe in New York City-is fruity, sweet, deeply aromatic and buzzing with acidity. All good things when it comes to gulping it down as a shot or mellowing it out with a generous dash of milk.

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Brew as Espresso

Best as Black Coffee or with Milk

Medium Roast

Chocolate , Caramel & Orange

Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes
The Waverly is our signature espresso, lovingly named after our first cafe in New York City. Seasonally driven, but designed to achieve a balance of body and sweetness with lively fruit notes year-round, this espresso is perfect as a straight shot or in milk. We've carefully sourced two components for this particular blend: a coffee from Brazil, which lends a stable, sturdy body and rich sweetness, and paired it with one from Peru that adds clean, well-integrated acidity to the cup.
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