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La Familia Guarnizo

Single Origin | Lighter Roast

A remarkable bean from a talented family-run outfit born in Columbia's Huila region. Handed with a whole lot of love, this bright and light-bodied roast gives big on stonefruit and almond with balanced acidity. Makes for one of the nicest, crispest, cleanest filter coffees we've tried. Serve it straight up (black, that is).

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Best as Black Coffee


Lighter Roast


Citrus , Floral & Caramel


Roast Days

Roaster Notes

This particular Single Origin roast has recently become a real hit with our customers. Taste that first refreshing sip of stone fruit, almonds and medium acidity, and you'll see why. It's real easy drinking, This bright and light-bodied selection was grown by a special group of El Paraiso’s member farmers: the Guarnizo family. From the beginning of our roasting adventure, the El Paraiso growers’ association in Huila, Colombia, in association with importer/exporter Caravela, has connected us with a number of excellent, high quality Colombian coffees.




Sub Region





1600 - 1800 M

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