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Jaguar Espresso FTO

Espresso | Blend | Darker Roast

Equator's organic, fair-trade certified blend reminds us of an intensely dark chocolate – perhaps the one flavor in espresso that both traditionalists and new world lovers can unanimously agree they want in their cup. Well, we're yet to find anyone who disagrees. It's sure to cut through milk and cream – you'll find a little candied nuts, spice and depthy fruits to keep things three-dimensional.

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Brew as Espresso


Best as Black Coffee | with Milk


Darker Roast


Chocolate , Caramel & Candied Nuts


Roast Days

Roaster Notes

Jaguar is a complex espresso blend that combines organic and Fair Trade certified coffees from the world’s major growing regions: Latin America, East Africa and Indonesia. Here, we take a new-world approach to a traditional-style espresso. It's all about bringing out flavors of fruit, dark chocolate and spice for an espresso sweet enough to taste great on its own, while maintaining enough richness and intensity to stand up to milk.

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