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Equator | Single Origin

Ethiopia Sidama Ardi

Could there be anything juicier than a sun-dried Guji coffee from Southern Ethiopia? This Single Origin roast bursts with the kind of fruit-forward citrus (orange, especially) that we think would excel over ice, or brewed simply on its own to bring out those spiralling florals and oh-so-clean finish.

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Best as Black Coffee

Lighter Roast

Citrus , Floral & Orange

Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes
This is a long-time favorite at the roastery. Ardi is a coffee grown in Southern Ethiopia’s Guji Zone, where coffee farming is the main source of income for the 3,000 or so people who live there. We had the privilege of visiting some of these farmers, and seeing first-hand the high quality and genuine care that goes into this natural sun-dried coffee. We were so impressed, we've been buying this clean and fruity coffee every year since 2013.
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Sidama Heirloom

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Sun-Dried Natural

Sub Region

Guji Zone

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