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Equator blend

Blend | Darker Roast

It's always fun to see what roasters choose when they release a namesake blend. Equator’s crafted this intriguing mix, a darker roasted Sumatran coffee, all aromatic wood and spice, brightened up with a Kenyan bean. The result? A distinctive crowdpleaser served straight-up or with milk, that's aiding tiger conservation with every bag you buy.

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This is our namesake blend, featuring coffees from some of the world's best known growing regions. That includes Lintong coffee from small garden farms in Sumatra, which brings notes of sweet grapefruit and aromatic wood. Fun fact: we link a small fee to each pound of this coffee we purchase to fund the Sumatran Tiger Trust, a conservation program designed to help preserve the endangered Sumatran Tiger. Our contribution tops $10,000 annually! To top it off, we add a fully washed coffee from Kenya that adds elements of brightness and helps bring out the flavor of other coffees in the blend.

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