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Blade Runner

Blend | Lighter Roast

Blade Runner walks on the lighter side of life. Inspired by Scandinavia’s coolest cafes, Campos have kept it fresh, leaving their usual rich chocolates and caramels off the table. Great news for those who like their morning espresso and filter light, berry bright and juicy.

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Best as Black Coffee | with Milk


Lighter Roast


Fruity & Peach


Roast Days
Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Roaster Notes

Our master blenders and roasters have collaborated on a 12 month project to develop this Nordic coffee blend which offers ultra-bright, juicy filter roasts. The coffees used in the blend are high acid Kenyan AA and Ethiopians with a touch of natural processed Ethiopian. The result is intense. This is cutting edge. This is blade running in our coffee world and we hope you enjoy tasting what this Scandinavian style roast has to offer.
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