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Moonrise Blend

Syrupy yet bright, complex yet light. Ah, the enigmas of blending dry-processed lots! Let us explain: when fruit is carefully left to dry around the coffee seed instead of washed off, the end result gives big on body and fruit characters. Espresso lovers looking to taste something a little left of field, this is it.

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Brew as Espresso

Best as Black Coffee

Lighter Roast

Citrus , Floral & Brown sugar

Roast Days
Monday - Friday

Roaster Notes
Moonrise consists of Colombia Palomos Del Sur natural and Honduras Santa Barbara. These kinds of naturally processed coffees keep the whole cherry intact during drying which imparts more intense fruit character and body to the cup. Santa Barbara is known for its competition-worthy coffees, and this community lot is no exception. In the end, you get a syrupy brew with a bright, complex acidity. We particularly love this coffee for espresso.
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