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Big Joy Espresso blend

Espresso | Blend | Darker Roast

If you walk into a Camber coffee store and order a milk coffee, this here is why it tastes so good: a seasonal blend promising a fruity, darker, caramelised-kinda espresso that knits so well with your favorite dairy (or non dairy). Those well-developed dense and sweet flavours can be just as rewarding through a filter too!

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Brew as Espresso


Best as Black Coffee | with Milk


Darker Roast


Fruity & Dark Chocolate


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Roaster Notes

Big Joy is a slightly more developed roast than Skyline, and pairs exceptionally well with milk. In fact, we use this mighty blend for all of our milk-based drinks at our cafe. It's not the best for filter but does go down a treat in a lively, layered solo shot. Right now, our Big Joy is a blend of single producer lots from Cajamarca, Peru. David Garcia Diaz owns two 1.5 hectare plots of land in the village of San Francisco. Elvis and his family work on the land together, coordinating all of their processing as a unit. As for the end result? It's a densely sweet brew. showcasing complex sugar flavors and a crisp fruit character.

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