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Colombia El Paraiso

Single Origin | Medium Roast

This single origin encapsulates some really classic Colombian flavours of vanilla and brown sugar, but still gets adventurous tasters excited by presenting them in such a super-clean and sweet way. Best for espresso without milk so you can really taste all the little subtleties.

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Best as Black Coffee


Medium Roast


Citrus , Floral & Orange


Roast Days

Roaster Notes

Our El Paraiso Single Origin has a big citrus acidity with juicy orange notes and a sugary sweet finish. All up, it makes for a deliciously balanced and unique espresso. The bean is produced by a cooperative of 62 small independent growers situated in the beautiful Tarqui region of Huila - a fantastic example of premium coffee that gives back to its growers.


Sub Region

Tarqui, Huila



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