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    How it works

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    Verify your purchase

    Purchase a qualifying Sage Coffee machine from an eligible retailer between 27th July to 6th September 2022 and verify your purchase by 20th September 2022. You will receive a discount code after successful verification.

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    Find your coffee

    Visit and take our quiz to match a coffee to your taste and brewing preferences. Select your coffee and add it to cart.

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    Enter your code

    Enter your discount code in the cart to complete your eligible coffee order for free.

    Coffee is roasted by our roaster partners and delivered straight to your door.

    You can change your coffee between recurring orders.

    You can change how frequently you would like your coffee delivered, from every 1 week to every 4 weeks.

    At the end of your free bags, your subscription will change to a paid one. We will let you know before this happens and explain the costs.

    You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.